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We can Powder Coat Steel, Aluminum, and some Fiberglass

At Speedy’s Industrial Coatings we can coat a wide variety of projects, from industrial to residential and even custom work. Custom powder coating on your product provides you with the highest quality finish and provides standard as well as custom material handling industry products. We are equipped to coat large sizes of steel and we offer large capacity and flexible powder coating options to meet your specific needs. We apply an attractive, durable finish that’s tougher than paint in any color required, with no drips or runs in the finishes we apply. Our powder coats don’t crack, chip, or peel. With the attention to detail and care we provide in our shop, you can count on trouble-free service. Our professional production process will help ensure your product’s success.


  • Advanced application and monitoring systems
  • Prior to painting, all parts must be thoroughly prepped
  • Careful attention for proper powder adherence, metal powder coating thickness, and curing
  • Routine maintenance performed on all tooling, gauges and fixtures
  • Detailed project tracking for each customer account from start to finish
  • Routine checks and quality inspections completed for each fabrication process
  • Large capacity ovens for quantities or large items. Our large oven is 10′ x 10′ x 24′

Specialty Finishes include:

  • Silver or Copper Vein
  • Textured finishes such as Sanded and Wrinkle finishes
  • Chrome and Mirror finishes
  • As well as High Visibility finishes such as Florescent finishes

Powder Coating is available in a wide variety of colors.

Sandblasting is the best way for a part to be prepared for powder coating by powering away rust, dirt, old paint, grease, or any other element that may contaminate the part being coated. Sandblasting blasts away any contaminants that could affect the powder coating process using air pressure and millions of tiny particles.

Sandblasting Media:

  • Course sand
  • Glass bead
  • Medium sand
  • Walnut shells – For low heat sandblasting

We proudly serve a diverse customer base:

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Material Handling
  • Defense and aerospace
  • Specialty truck and vehicle
  • Recreational vehicle
  • Pool and Spa

We offer a 1 Year Guarantee for Powder Coated projects that we Sandblasted and Epoxy finished.

We offer delivery & pickup.

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